Seoul Slice of Life: Exercise Equipment

Almost anywhere you go in Seoul you will see them.  Along the river, in parks, tucked away in neighborhoods, up mountains….outdoor exercise equipment is nearly as pervasive as convenience stores and neon.  It’s quite rare to find them unattended as during most hours of the day and night there will be middle-aged men (adjoshis) and women (adjummas) working out on them.

There are often also hula hoops, dumbbells, and other assorted work out equipment, but the variety of the machines is most compelling.  Rachel is kind enough to take us on a tour of just a few of the machines you will encounter.

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4 responses to “Seoul Slice of Life: Exercise Equipment

  1. hello! so do the words adjoshis and adjummas refer to men and women or men and women specifically while working out (i.e. runners, exercisers.. etc)

  2. Hey Shannon! Good question. That would be cool, but that is just what middle aged people are called here.

  3. What a great idea. That way you don’t have to spend lots of money on equipment that takes up lots of room and becomes a hanger for your shorts after a while. Love you, G Ma.

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