Five things I forgot about living in Korea

1.  It’s quite pretty.  Memories of a long winter (I left just before spring) had sort of driven thoughts of green from my mind.  It’s been a nice welcome.

2. Signs in “Konglish” are always funny.

3.  You can anthropomorphize anything, particularly if you are likely to eat it.

4.  You can wander out at any time and find a coffee shop with free wifi.  I left at 10:30 pm the other night and it only took 15 minutes to find a place.  The bakery next to it is open until midnight.

5. Pepsi is cheaper than Coke.  The same size can or bottle is usually 10 or 20 cents cheaper.  While I understand that Coke is more delicous than Pepsi, it’s kind of a strange principle.  By that standard, going to see an awesome movie like Thor should cost upwards of 50 bucks, while something like Sex and the City would cost approximately 1.38.  It’s like being rewarded for crappy taste (which, arguably, Korea does quite well).

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