City of the Month: Portland

Our city this month is famous for being green, having a buttload of microbreweries, and being one of the most bike friendly cities in the world.  Portland recently had its own show, spoofing some of its more ridiculous elements.  It isn’t the perfect city for everybody.  The winters can be a little wet, to be sure.  There aren’t a whole lot of clubs for those who like to get their dance on.  And it’s ridiculously difficult to find a job.

However …

If you like things like massive bookstores, quirky coffee shops, great bike lanes and public transportation, more beer than a dozen Homer Simpsons could drink, great live music every night of the week, rad people, art scene, thriftstores, hundreds of cheap and delicious food carts, vegan food in general, and hiking trails in the city (and beyond), then Portland might be a place for you to check out.

Here are some pictures highlighting Portland, with everything from vegan kale bowls to the Willamette River.

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3 responses to “City of the Month: Portland

  1. Portland’s alright, I guess. But have you been to Gresham?

  2. What’s your June city of the month?!

  3. Good question. Maybe nowhere. We’ve only had a city of the month 3 or 4 times in the year and half this blog has been up.

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