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One of the great things about hiking the Annapurna Circuit is the wide variety of lodging available.  These colorful buildings are usually run by cheerful proprietors and they all serve food.  Some are quite basic, but they’re all decidedly nicer than a tent (and not having to carry the extra weight of a tent, cooking equipment, etc, is invaluable.)

I think in reality this would be quite difficult, due to lack of funds, Nepalese laws, and logistics.  But I would love to run a Nepalese Guest House on the Circuit.   As to where it would go, probably I’d aim for Lete.  I passed through that beautiful town far too briefly, but it certainly invited a longer stay.

Here are some thoughts as to what I would do and wouldn’t do.

  •  I’ll brew my own beer.
  • Have drip coffee.
  • Offer music and movies through a couple of TB hard drives and a solar powered charger.
  • Have blister kits.
  • Bake cinnamon rolls and apple pie.
  • Will have buckets of coals under the tables for keeping warm.
  • Will have plenty of clotheslines–with pegs.
  •  Will have plenty of board games. 
  • I will  NOT have local apple cider or apple brandy
  • I will NOT name it Hotel Annapurna, Hotel Tibet, Marco Polo, Mona Lisa, Buddha, Mustang, Mountain View, Maya, Namaste, or Himalayan.

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