Yeti Sleeps: AWKA Guesthouse

Like a yeti, we usually aren’t all that particular about where we sleep.  Usually the cheapest place we find is the one we call home.  Every once in a while, however an exceptional place comes along.  We found this place by the traveler’s quotes they’ve posted on the outside sign of the guesthouse.

Awka Guesthouse on Ko Samui was the coolest place we stayed in Asia.  It had funky pop art, free wifi, large paintings, huge beds, a tv and dvd player, fridge, and air con.  The off-season rate was 500 baht (about 15 dollars).  It’s a bit down from the heart of Chaweng but close to the beach and to several good restaurants.  There’s an attached restaurant bar with happy hour specials   The owner is Australian and very friendly.  We didn’t often spend as much on accommodation as we did here, but it was worth it for a few nights.

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2 responses to “Yeti Sleeps: AWKA Guesthouse

  1. Looks like a great place to stay.

  2. It really was. We might not have ever left but our Visas were running out.

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