Yeti Imbibes: Energy Drinks of Asia

Step into any 7-11 or Family Mart in Southeast Asia and you’ll be confronted by a barrage of energy drink choices.  From the original Red Bull to a host of imitators, there is no lack of choice.  They’re all useful as mixers (prepare for some bad hangovers) or for quick bursts of energy, but the tastes vary widely.

We did the groundwork and tried a host of flavors.  (Technically we tried 7, which might seem a little small for a host. But as we found out, it’s a lot to handle for two people. We still get the shakes just thinking about it.)

The contenders are:

1 .  Thai name (aka “Green Yellow Sparkly”)

2. Thai name (aka “The Bull”)

3. Thai name (aka “Tiger”)

4. Ready

5. Red Bull

6. White Shark

7. 150

1.  “Green Sparkly” Smells of citrus; tastes like sherbet.    The best of the bunch, though that says more about the competition than any real virtue of the Green Sparkly.  Score: 8.5

“The Bull” Not to be confused with his crimson cousin, this bull isn’t so popular the world round.  But this one tastes more like juice than medicine and ranked very highly.  Score: 7.75

“Tiger”  This feline possesses a potent smell and tastes strongly of medicine.  Not recommended.  Score: 6.5

Ready”  Subtle nose but the liquid is thick, like cough syrup.  It was hard to choke this gross stuff down, despite the alluring color.  Score: 5.25

“Red Bull” The world-famous delight has a nose that was described as “smarties-esque.”  You know what you’re getting with Red Bull, and it ain’t gonna disappoint.  Score: 7

“White Shark” This shark had a mean bite, and the nose, sadly, was unpunchable.  It smelled bad, had a texture of cloying honey, and was nigh undrinkable.  This was the worst of the lot.  Score: 2.75

M150″ It has a cool sheriff badge, smells fresh and is intense but overall leaves you feeling … kinda groovy.  Score: 5

Those were all we could stomach.  Let us know in the comments if there were any we missed, or if you disagree with a score.

4 responses to “Yeti Imbibes: Energy Drinks of Asia

  1. The White Shark sounds delightful.

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  3. I have gotten Ready in Australia at a local Asian minimart. I have to say it is so tasty. Also makes me flip out.

  4. Nice. I drank V when I was in OZ, but it’s always nice to find something new. We didn’t love the taste of Ready, but it was really strong.

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