The Annapurna Circuit (part two)

The first few days were very nice, but this is a world-class hike and I was looking forward to seeing the mountains. You could see many towns from far away, like pictured above, and it reminded of an old school RPG, such as Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. Fresh from fighting wolves, slimes, and golems, it was good to see a new town, heal at an inn, and see what new equipment was available. (I went with Sun Blade, Chainmail, and a snickers).

Late in the day, saw a huge shadow over me. I wasn’t able to get a great picture, but this winged beast flapped by. Its wingspan was probably about my height (6’3).

There were many beautiful vistas; rivers and waterfalls and mountains to ease the weary trekker’s soul. Every hour or so was another village with shops, restaurants, and sometimes water refills.

On the other side of the gorge, they are jackhammering a new trail. Whether it’s meant to be a new trail, a new road, or something else, I’m not sure. But it made for some impressive rockslides. These days (3 and 4) had more waterfalls than any other part of the trail, which made up for the lack of alpine vistas.

At this point I was getting used to the donkey trains, their piles of excrement, and the resulting millions of flies that attacked every poor trekker. But this, the rare Nepalese double-headed donkey, was a surprise.

It was still hot, in the high 20’s, and I grumbled about all the useless warm weather gear in my pack. “It had better be cold up there,” I said. Fateful words, they would turn out to be. Meanwhile the river looked like a brilliant place for a swim but by now it was many meters down below the trail.

3 responses to “The Annapurna Circuit (part two)

  1. Wow. Excellent photos and story.

  2. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. I want to go there now!

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